Exam Time 2024

It is exam time again in Ireland with many sitting down today week for both the Junior and Leaving Certificate. I sat my junior cert in 2007 and my leaving in 2009. 15 years on I am still on the road after many challenges but I still achieved what I set out to do in life and continue to do so as I sit here and type.

In my time in secondary school, the leaving cert was the be all and end all but thankfully things have changed and people will be able to avail of different routes to help succeed in life. Give the exams your very best of course but don’t think that results over the next few weeks will define who you are and what you’ll do in life because I can testify, there are many ways to achieve your goals in life…

My time in secondary school was enjoyable and now that I have time reflect on my 5 years as transition year wasn’t available but is now back on the table and if used wisely could help you taste what the “real world” is like. My attitude was “get in and get out” and do my small bit but don’t over stretch myself, a lesson I have continued into adult hood !!!  ( don’t take this too literally or I will have angry parents after my blood)

Everyone is different and school doesn’t suit everyone but the one thing the teachers will do is try there hardest to guide you in the right direction and then of course it is up to each individual to take their chosen path in life.

I probably broke the hearts of many of the teachers by my lack of attention to detail in certain aspects of my school days in the Comp but I still have a strong relationship with them all these years later.

They aren’t there to steer you wrong and will do all they can but it is up to you to drive yourself on. One thing they got spot on is, enjoy those days because when you leave the Comp at the end of your final exam life will take many turns for you all so enjoy the next couple of weeks as well as studying for the exams beginning of course next Wednesday.

Do your best and you’ll get what you deserve next August when the results come out but as I mention don’t stress out too much. Listen to any advice your parents or teachers give you because they know you better than I do…

I wish the Class of 2024 across the country all the very best for the junior and leaving cert exams….

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