Mam-8th Anniversary

Earlier than normal, I said I’d put pen to paper to mark Mam’s anniversary. In 3 months time it will be 8 years since Mam passed away. I have often spoken of Mam’s selfless act which saw her donate her organs. This act meant a number of people were able to restart their lives and live life to best of their abilities.

I have of course almost completed one year living in the “real world” and out on my own, I haven’t poisoned myself or any of the few callers I have had to the house. The housewarming is still in the planning stage haha…. Mam would be very pleased with this particular fact. It was a stated aim of hers to see me out “on my own”. Thankfully this has now been achieved and I am well settled into living on my own….

The peace of mind that has come along with living on my own has been fantastic, no one to battle for the remote or in terms of food etc… It has been uplifting and has helped my head no end. No more headaches, stress or anger.

I have mentioned a few times, how a set of keys has driven me to new heights and I can now look everyone in the eye and not have that sheepish look when asked where I am or what I am at… Amazing how all the questions that had come before my move came nearly on a daily basis but with my own keys and move all that has ended. Also I won’t entertain any silly questions anymore and will just walk away now.

That backbone is alive and well and I just get on with things now and I don’t sweat things anymore. Back to Mother, I now she would be thrilled with how things are now and I am sure she would be here on a daily basis doing spot checks. So much has changed in the past 8 years, her anniversary is getting easier with each passing year.

It is also hard to think or believe it is 8 years since the evening as I put it “the shit hit the fan”. My father has the house to himself and that is a big positive for all of us as a family. We can now live the separate lives you hope you can as father and son and not want to “kill each other”.

The only sour note is Mam didn’t see me out on my own in her life time but she would be pleased to know it happened, 7 years later but before I turned 40, Rory had permission to shoot me had I still been at home at that stage.

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