Mc Gregor Vs Mayweather

Mc Gregor Vs Mayweather

So the biggest box office show in history is almost upon us with Conor Mc Gregor and Floyd Mayweather Jnr set to face off at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Everyone has an opinion on this bout, fight , farce whatever you feel this is an incredible show to just sit back and watch.

Conor Mc Gregor has achieved so much in a short period of time in MMA and like him or loath him he has backed up everything he has said he was going to do , beat Jose Aldo he did that , defeat Nate Diaz he ticked all those boxes and in turn became a two weight UFC champion.

Mayweather Jnr of course is a 5 weight World Champion in boxing. He is pound for pound the best boxer around. He has of course got a chequered past that has been well documented so I will not be going into that stuff.  Like Mc Gregor he has said he would achieve certain things in the boxing world and he has done just that.

Looking to what will take place in the T-Mobile Arena on Saturday, it is shaping up to be what we all hope for and that is a competitive bout , they have done the pantomime part of selling the fight extremely well. People seem to be easily offended by what is being said and done but let’s be honest these two guys are terrific actors.

Yes in their respective disciplines they are well respected and have achieved plenty to have gained all that respect. On both sides of the divide start supporters of both men and also the commentary that has followed this fight has been very varied but also very much if you’re in the boxing camp , Mc Gregor doesn’t stand a chance and if you’re in the Mayweather camp , Mc Gregor hasn’t a hope and so on.

You don’t have to like either man , but the one thing you have to is respect what both man stands for , whether that is false pride or something else entirely. Everyone has an opinion on what will transpire on Saturday and for all that say they won’t watch the fight I am sure they will secretly try and find a place to watch the fight in the early hours of Sunday morning.

What this fight has done has put the sports of MMA and Boxing on the front pages and on the back pages of every paper, TV station and radio station, everyone wants a piece of the action and like everything else money talks.

 People will access this fight by fair means or foul, using the pay per view service or other more colourful ways to get to see what will transpire. It has to be the most talked about event of the 21st century. Yes if social media was around in the era of Mohammed Ali we would have had the same type of reaction to the likes of the “Thriller In Manila” and so on….

Social media has had a massive impact on how we consume news sport and so on. The news of this fight first broke on social media before any big station had the news so that just shows how weird and wonderful things have gotten in recent years.

So for now, the talking can almost cease as the biggest show in box office history is nearly upon us. Whether you like it or not this will happen. I am sure at its conclusion we will have everyone out in force to offer an opinion.

Sit and enjoy the show whatever way it goes, if nothing else I can guarantee you will be entertained….


Cian Mc Gibney


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