Conor Mc Gregor

Conor Mc Gregor – The Notorious

So the Notorious aka Conor Mc Gregor has retired or has he?? , He is an incredible person and I must say I haven’t watched him that closely but having followed his career from a far the one thing Mc Gregor will be known for is how much of a draw he was and still is to so many. Let’s not forget he was just like you and me as recent as 2007 as he was doing odd jobs while training in the SBG Gym under the watchful eye of John Kavanagh.

Since he burst onto the scene people have been divided by him so saying he is a genius and some saying the sport he is involved in is barbaric and shouldn’t be on TV for young children to watch as it is a tough sport although it is a number of highly skilled sport that brings a number of disciplines into play.

He of course has an extremely emotive person that brings out the best and worst in people, some say he is a mouth piece and more people wanted his face on a new five euro note.  Nobody can argue that he is an incredible draw. His fights have given the UFC a real boost because in revenue as huge numbers of people from Ireland and elsewhere across the globe have travelled to watch his fights while more have bought his fights on pay per view.

He has been beaten by Nate Diaz in the recent past and of course after so many years where he said he was the best in the business and would never be defeated his defeat came as a shock to many but like all unbeaten runs they must come to an end at some point, just ask Katie Taylor who was defeated last week for the 1st time in 5 years.

Social media plays tricks on people where they follow their favourite celebs or sports stars, with a tweet which is 140 characters let’s remember and the world goes mad, did he or she mean what was said in the tweet, if we begin to live our lives by a tweet or a Facebook post we haven’t really moved on in the world.

Conor Mc Gregor is a man from Dublin that has gone out and done really well in his chosen sport. whether he has retired or not only time will tell. After the death of Jose Carvalho last week in the National Stadium has brought MMA into everybody living room’s with the story of his death and the fact that the MMA is not regulated and in turn have looked to have it regulated under the banner of Sports Ireland.

Like him or not, he has made the most of his short career and made his mark on the sports world. He may or may not be back in the Octagon in the future but for now he has exited stage left and who knows when we will see the “ Notorious “ again…….


Cian Mc Gibney


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