Swanky – Blindfold Boxing


Swanky – Blind Fold Boxing

Last night down in the Swanky Bar in Tarbert , there was a boxing ring set up and a group of steely individuals warmed up for what was to transpire over the next few hours.  Cashen Vale Boxing Club supplied the ring and officials to run the event.  We were introduced to a number of young Cashen Vale boxing talent that have won a number of International titles in various disciplines over the last few weeks.

The action started off with a very competitive bout between Danny Wren and Brendan Cregan where both men started out in round 1 and took time to find their feet but once both men found there range it was a very tough fight. At the end of Round 2 with the agreement of all involved it was decided to dispense with the headgear and blindfolds and go at each other. After an excellent third round the bout was awarded to Brendan Cregan.

The 2nd fight of the evening was Gerard Flavin taking on Paudie Mulvihill , rumour had it that Paudie had been in contact with the Mc Gregor camp in the days leading up to the fight but he met his match in Ger Flavin who has been training very well over the last few weeks both on the bar stool and in the Gym !!! Ger Flavin did very well and again took the victory in a close contest.

The 3rd fight of the night, paired Tony White and James Enright. This bout was again closely fought and once both men got to grips with the idea of not knowing where the punches may come from , they settled to the task at hand but the experienced older head that is Tony White found the punches easier to come by and won this contest with relative ease.

The 4th bout of the night saw the only all female contest between Sorcha and Evelyn Stack , yes the twin sisters decided the only way to settle all the little disagreements over the years was to get between the ropes and slog it over three one minute rounds. The sisters traded blows until the final bell of the third round was sounded and the decision went the way of Sorcha Stack.

Finally we came to the heavyweight contest of the evening between two men who know how to box !! James Wren stepped into the ring alongside Brendan Mc Ginley both men went after each other from the opening bell and like the opening contest of the evening , it was decided to dispense with the headgear and blindfolds and let these two battle it out to see who would come out on top.

There was a huge crowd assembled at this stage and both men were roared on by very vocal support. Both men slugged it out and threw some very strong punches, some may say they have done this before !!!  After three very physical rounds of boxing, the very close contest was marked down as a draw.

Last night was a great success and like the Summer Festival of last weekend , it just goes to show what a small bit of clever thinking and cooperation can do. Well done to all at Cashen Vale Boxing Club for all the equipment, boxing ring and expertise. To JP , Mary and all the staff in the Swanky well done. A special mention to MC Denis Flavin , DJ Shicco aka Padraig Sheehy for the use of his gear.

Here’s hoping that the events of the past two weekend’s can help create an appetite for more and more events to happen in Tarbert over the next few months. Well done to all involved and hopefully this event will return in 2018….


Cian Mc Gibney


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