Smart Phones , Are We Slaves To Them ??

Smart Phones, Are we Slaves to Them??

Smart Phone , be they android or I phone’s or any other type smart phone. We as a nation have become linked to them , if we need to know something , we don’t use our brains anymore , no we just reach straight for the phone to solve all ours troubles.

When was the last time you had a conversation with anybody that didn’t include a phone being at there fingertips. The art of conversing is dying slowly and we need to make sure it doesn’t disappear forever.

Last week , I saw a very interesting  video put together by the Galway Ladies Football team , where there captain Edel Concannon was saying that the younger members of the squad found it very hard to be away from their phones for a sustained period of time. They were also just saying that there is a link between over use of the phone and mental health issues.

To occupy the mind before , you chatted , played cards , read books or in the last 50 years you watched TV. But now if you’re bored you just reach for the phone and look up Facebook , Twitter and other sites to stay in touch with the outside world.

When I saw the video that the Galway ladies put together it immediately set me thinking , how hard would people find it if they couldn’t use their phones for a short period. The Galway girls gave up there Smart Phones for one month and went back to the bog standard phone with just calls and text. They did all of this in the name of Charity.

I am issuing a similar challenge to family , friends and acquaintances , can you do similar or better than the Galway Ladies  and give up the smart phone for a period of two weeks ?? All of us have an old phone at home we can use for the two weeks so we won’t miss out on too much.

Thanks a million to Edel Concannon for taking the time out to talk to me about it and congratulations to all the team for giving up there phones for one month and raising money for charity.


Cian Mc Gibney



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