Mam 3 Years On

Hard to believe I am writing my 3rd one of these but here goes. Mam passed away almost 3 years ago and since that day September 7th 2016 through to September 10th 2016 when the decision was made as a family to switch off the life support machine I haven’t stopped think about you on a daily basis.

Life has been strange, funny, agonising, terrifying and terrific in equal measure in the 3 years since you left the three of us to pick up the pieces. I hope the three of us have done a decent job in living together and done even better in not killing each other.

With each passing year Mam I can feel myself taking on your well known traits of talking straight and not taking a backward step from any situation, It has been said to me in recent months that I stand like you, make similar gestures, speak like you and so forth. I can listen to those around me speak about you and how much I remind you of them.

I am in a strong place mentally and you will be delighted to know I am working now, shock horror…. I am out and about and finally doing the thing you always wanted me to do, go out and live a decent life. I know you’d be thrilled to know I am working. It’s a real shame I didn’t do this while you were here on earth but you are looking after me still 3 years on.

It is still strange when I write these pieces as the years slowly move on as I say this will be your 3rd anniversary. I am doing very well, thankfully much better with each passing year and again I think about you every morning I wake up and you’re always in my thoughts every single day.

I hope that my new job would has shown you that I will make out fine in life as I know you were worried if anything ever happened to you that I would not make out too well but I hope that the last few months have proven to you that I am making out fine…

Your decision to be an organ donor still baffles me as I had no clue you wanted to be an organ donor but in equal measure your decision also proves to type of person you were, you always thought about everyone else before yourself and thanks to you 4 people were given the gift of life….

That’s enough from me, say hello to all up there for me and keep an eye on me even though quite a few people have taken on the “mammy” role and had a few words in my ear when they felt I needed a kick in the backside…. Rest assured I will always have a large group of people to give me that kick up the arse when needed….

Mam’s Anniversary Mass is on Saturday September 7th at 6pm in Tarbert….

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