Last Chance Saloon

Last Chance Saloon

I am just writing this piece for myself. This past few months have been extremely tough, but with this radio diploma course due to start in September I now finally have something to focus on and to aim for.

I have titled this piece last chance saloon to focus my mind on what could be my last chance at the career I have always wanted. Cian Mc Gibney , sports journalist does have a nice ring to it. Lets hope that I make the most of this last chance.

I have spent the last five years, wasting my time and not putting what skills I have to good use. Yes I have spent the last two years in the Listowel Family Resource Centre. People may say I am boring them by flooding Facebook with Video Blogs and articles but I only do that to get myself out there and I make no apologies for that.

I just hope my writing can help me make my dream come through. Also with this course starting, I can now act instead of talking crap all the time. Actions do really speak louder than words.  My website also has helped me hone my skills as a journalist and lets hope it will open doors for me into the future.

This is really my last chance at this and lets hope I break the habit of a lifetime and grab this chance with both hands and run with it. People will say that this is a pity me piece but I can say that it is not that sort of a piece at all.

I did break one major barrier down yesterday and took a major gamble instead of going for the safe optician I broke out and went with Plan B instead of the always safe Plan A. That is one thing about my character that I have made it my mission to change, stop going with the safe bet and take a risk from time to time. As I was told earlier this year, “You only live once” that should be the motto I take with me wherever I go.

Lets face it, the old Cian, took no gamble, played it safe and took no risk at all. From this point on I hope to change people’s opinion of me from being just a wannabe journalist to hopefully a fully-fledged journalist with real career prospects at the end of my course in Dublin.


Cian Mc Gibney.


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