Drinking at Sports Events

Last weekend I was at Ireland vs. France in the Aviva Stadium, I made my way to my seat around an hour before kickoff nothing strange with that but as kick off approached and everybody made it in time for the 3pm kickoff, and then it began the constant in and out to the bar and then in and out to the toilet.

I realise that a sports event is much more than the duration of a match or whatever the event is, people want to be entertained for the admission price alone. But if you’re going to dispatch someone out to the bar every 15 or 20 minutes to refill your glass, either stay outside or leave the Stadium altogether. There is nothing worse than having to move out of the way to let a patron in and out on multiple occasions to go and refill a glass or empty themselves of the excesses of the afternoon.

Yes I am a non drinker so will never have to wonder what it’s like to want a drink during a game. I am not for one minute complaining about parents who may need a child to the toilet but the majority over the age of 18, It is a constant stream of people and that can annoy people no end not just myself but having asked a few people this week about this situation they have all said it can be a major distraction to the given event.

I realise that people will want a drink while they watch the match but how you can enjoy anything when you’re constantly wondering when will I get my next pint, I think it is then time to decide to go to the game or just stay in the Bar. Not a big decision to make but the majority of punters would appreciate not having to nearly sit on a swivel chair and having to constantly move in and out.

I appeal to everyone to please be on time to the games and please oh please keep the movements to an absolute minimum and come and enjoy the sporting event. If you can’t keep away from the bar, just stay at home……

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