Counselling – Thoughts and Feelings

Counselling – My Thoughts and Feelings

I started counselling back in January of this year (2017), I was put in touch with somebody that had worked very closely with Fr Pat Moore over a number of years. I have been through counselling over the last few years for a number of reasons that I have already spoken about through a number of pieces I have written since I began to speak openly about the issues I have had the in the past and still continue to battle from time to time.

It is amazing how counselling works, you are given free reign during each session to express yourself in whatever shape or form you see fit. I have to say I have never had trouble speaking or talking but until 2014 I didn’t really talk about the things that matter, things that trouble you or members of your family

I am speaking from a male perspective of course, I have seen how well most women can express themselves when it comes to the important stuff and I have to say that I am still bowled over by the way women face each challenge that is presented to them.

Not for one minute am I saying that men cannot approach an issue with the same empathy that I have seen from nearly every woman I have spoken to over the last number of months. It just seems to me to be the maternal instincts kick in almost immediately in a time of crisis.

Back to counselling, I have to say I had to take my time before making the decision to seek out the help of a counsellor because I had to get my head around all that went on last September before I could even think about bearing my soul to a person I did not know. But thankfully as soon as I took that step to speak to someone everything became a small bit clearer in my head and my mind.

I have to say that if I decided to try a deal with what happened last September on my own I don’t want to imagine what might have happened. Looking to the future now, I still have a couple of hurdles to clear before the 1st year is over. Do not ask me to explain where that now near 12 months has gone, it has gone by so fast I have hardly had time to blink.

Counselling has saved me from cracking up under the pressure of what has to be the biggest blow of my life to date. I realise it is extremely tough for someone to admit they may need help and support from more than just family and friends but trust me , the support of a good counsellor will help you through the times where you may feel there is nobody out there who understands your pain and suffering.

I have almost 7 months of counselling under my belt and this particular avenue has helped me express the different feelings I have felt, and I have gone through a few stages from pain and despair to anger and laughter. It is truly amazing when you open yourself up what comes out.

To anyone in need of help and support, if you feel that talking to family and friends won’t help then reach out to your nearest counsellor…. Contact your GP for details.

I wrote this late last year and thankfully after a number of sessions I was able to move away from counselling…

I am putting this up as a thank you to Fr Pat Moore who passed away in May 2017 and his 1st anniversary will fall later this week. His support and encouragement was a massive help to me… Thank You Fr Pat….


Cian Mc Gibney




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