Charlie and Ita Tribute

Tribute To Charlie And Ita

As the 2nd and 5th anniversaries of my Grandparents deaths approach, I feel it is the correct time to write a piece to commemorate there memories. They are two people that I miss daily. When you spend nearly every day with them up until the day they died, they are bound to have an impact on you.

My grandad suffered with Alzheimer’s and let me tell you to watch a member of your family that you love and respect so much disappear in front your eyes is so hard. For the ten or so years in which he suffered I wished every day that I could have taken away his suffering. As a 16 year old when you get asked to help your Grandad get ready for bed , you tend to grow up quickly.

I have had to do things that I wouldn’t ask my best friend or family members to do , don’t get me wrong I enjoyed every moment with them both before they passed away and I wouldn’t take back a minute of it.

People look and me and think he is only interested in sport how could he manage to help other people out.  I also spent 2 years helping out with a group in Listowel Family Resource Centre. This work was very rewarding.

Back to my Grandparents , I watched Grandmother lose her husband of 60 years to this disease that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Although I only knew my Grandmother for 21 years , she was a woman I admired dearly. They were the perfect match for each other and to have survived 60 years together they knew each other really well. They reminded me of Richard and Hyacinth Bucket the couple from “ Keeping Up Appearances “.

As I said before I spent a lot of my life in that house and saw them at the best and also at the worst moments of their lives. I made a pledge when I was told that my Grandad was sick that I would do all I could to help them. I offered to look after them full time when they needed full time care and although I was angry when my family told me they didn’t want me to do it although they appreciated the offer they couldn’t ask me to give up my life , I am actually grateful to them for stopping me from doing it now.

When I made that pledge to myself that they looked after me when I needed them , I wouldn’t let them down when they needed me most. Having spent the last 10 years or so  in close contact with them I spent some special moments with them both , watching my Grandfather’s eyes light up when old friends called to see them.

They both were heavily involved with the community when they came down here in 1970. In recent years I have been told that my grandfather in particular had an impact on many people’s lives throughout the locality.

Charles Augustin Mc Gibney and Jane Ita Mc Gibney nee Clonan had a massive impact on other people’s lives and they had an impact on my life and two years on from my Grandad’s passing and also 5 years on from my Grandmother’s passing I just hope I haven’t let them down and that I picked up some good qualities from them both.  To you both I love you dearly and miss you everyday…. Thank You for all you did for me.


Cian Mc Gibney


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