Nicola” Hurricane” Hopewell

Hi Nicola, It’s great to have the chance to speak with you !!


Can you tell me how you started out in boxing ?

I started boxing just attending the boxing gym to get fit. I was age 23 when I started. I was quite active as a child and in my teens but from leaving school I quite dancing and sports and was desperate to get my fitness back and do something.

How have you found sorting out sponsorship over the last few years ?

Sponsorship is very hard. When I first started no one knew who I was so it was hard and then covid hit. Some businesses who sponsored for my first 3 fights are now struggling so I’m constantly looking for new sponsors to come on board.

What sort of diet do you follow when you are training for a fight ?

I follow a good clean diet. Lots of fruit, veg, carbs for fuel when training

Could you talk me through the day of a fight, what does the day look like ?

Fight day, I try and chill and stay calm as much as possible. I love my friends and family to contact me as it takes me mind off the fight until it’s time to get in the ring.

Having had a good amateur career, what prompted the move to the professional ranks ?

I started boxing the same people in the amateurs and I also wanted a new challenge and move to the next level

Would you say your time as a dancer was a help when it came to helping your movements in the ring ?

My dancing definitely helped especially with my footwork. I’m quite light on my feet and have good balance from my dancing background.

Away from training and work, how do you like to relax ?

To relax I love to go on walks, like ride, watch tv, days out with friends and family.

What would you like to achieve in boxing ?

I want to achieve as much as I can and I trust my manager with push me at the right time.

Lastly Nicola, to any young girls that might want to follow in your footsteps, what advice would you give them ?

To any young girls they need to believe in themselves and train hard. Nothing is impossible and if you train hard you can achieve your dreams.

Nicola, it’s been good to have the opportunity to speak with you, all the best for the future !!

Kelly Harrington – World Champion

Ireland has a new boxing World Champion in amateur Kelly Harrington who recently was crowned World Champion in India at 60kgs defeating Sudaporn Seesondae of Thailand. This win has been a long time coming for the hard working Dubliner who holds down a day job while still dreaming of Olympic glory at Tokyo 2020.

This victory just goes to show what hard work and dedication can do for you, she has served her apprenticeship and now the fact that she is a World Champion means she will be a marked woman at future Championships be they National, European or World level.

Having won Silver two years ago, Harrington was hoping to go one better which she did and then some. Her plan will be now to focus on the European Championships next June and then hopefully Olympic qualification after that, although the International Olympic Committee has stopped all planning for Tokyo 2020 at the moment while they conclude a number of investigations into the current AIBA President.

Here’s hoping those investigations will be concluded successfully and all our amateur boxers can go back to planning for Tokyo 2020. Kelly is a hard working and dedicated individual who has committed to winning Olympic Gold since the first day she picked up a pair of boxing gloves.

Her victory in New Delhi is another step forward on that long winding road to glory. It is a road that has had several bumps along the way along with several major highs that include World Gold, European Bronze, and World Silver from two years ago.

Kelly Harrington, World Champion has a lovely ring to it and you can be certain Kelly will do everything to make it to the 2020 Olympics and then make her dream of Olympic Gold a reality…..