Set In Stone

Set In Stone

The phrase “set in stone” didn’t mean very much to me until recently when my Mum’s headstone was put up. It was only then it really set in that you can’t turn the clock back and get her back. Mum of course passed away in 2016 at the age of 49.

It is only when the subject of the headstone came up that I really began to think of what the saying “ Set In Stone” meant. When the book containing the different types of headstones and wording was produced I braced myself for the task at hand and between the 3 of us we came up with the wording which would adorn her headstone for future generations of the family and her friends of course.

It truly only is when you have to do that job yourself of picking a headstone and then the wording to follow you really get a taste of the finality of the whole situation.

For me though I was able to draw a line in the sand because as many people will know I was extremely close to Mam and that week in September 2016 changed the way I look at life and the way I approach situations.

I do feel it was easier to take a first look at the completed headstone because I am still at home and was fully immersed in the whole job from start to finish. It has been a testing two years for my family.

Looking to the future, we can now give out to a headstone if so wish also we can tell her about different things happening in our lives. Life is defiantly different now but all we can do is adjust and see where that will take us.

Mam’s  2ND anniversary Mass takes place on Saturday  8th of September at 6pm…..


Cian Mc Gibney


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