Mam 7 Years

It’s that time of year, as I mark 7 years since Mam passed away. I know I have said I wouldn’t continue to write of the anniversary as I would most likely keep things private going forward. But I suppose given my life changing move from a few months I suppose another piece was in order.

It will mark 7 years as I say since Mam passed away and in that time I have had several moments where I have felt like I was in this constant head spin that I didn’t feel I could get away from but as I settle into my new life away from home. I can see the rest of the life before my eyes and trust me when I say I didn’t think I’d ever see that day.

Looking to what has happened in that time, I managed to get my act together and move out of the comfort zone and I am now out on my own and planning the next steps of the future I thought I’d never get or have.

Living on my own has thought me to gain a backbone and to tell someone to “stick their advice where the sun doesn’t shine if I need to do so” I have yet to need that backbone but I have come close on one or two occasions in recent times.

My mother always wanted me to get out and live on my own and take that next step. It’s a real shame she isn’t physically here to see the moment she always dreamt of become a reality. But rest assured I can hear her as I speak to people in certain ways or situations. So even though she is not physically here, she is not too far away.

I now need to put that next plan in place and drive on. I know I have written many pieces on what it’s been like to mentally suffer in different ways but I now know what those signs are and the ways to hopefully deal with things as they arise over the coming weeks and months.

Looking at that period back in 2016, I won’t ever forget it as long as my brain will allow of course. Those moments will live with me forever and have left a lasting impression. I have woken up on occasion and went to text Mam or call her to only snap back to reality and say to myself, I can’t send that text or make that call…

For those of you that can do that, do it. As we have seen over the past 7 days in parts of Ireland you never know what may be about to happen, So appreciate those moments with those you love and hold dear.

It’s 7 years since I lost Mother and it really is one relationship you can’t replace. We were very close as many will point out. Every time the Rose of Tralee or Listowel Race Week comes around it is another reminder that she isn’t around. They were two times of the year she enjoyed immensely.

7 years on and Mother dearest has her wish, her eldest has done what she probably thought I’d never do while she was alive and that is I grew a pair and made something happen…. I am out on my own… Mother’s anniversary is on Saturday September 9th at 6pm here in Tarbert.

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