Letter of Thanks

Letter Of Thanks

I am writing again this time to thank everyone for their support and kind words since last Thursday  when I put my open letter out there. Since I did it I feel much better and at ease with myself. The level of support I have received amazed me and touched me deeply. I hope my openness can help anyone that may find themselves in a similar situation in the future.

 I have done a lot of thinking in the last few days and after speaking to both close friends and family I now realise that I have a lot to live for. I made a massive mistake last February by not asking for help but I now feel strong enough to open my mouth and say something. Also after reading a book on Donal Walsh I realise the true meaning of his message to” live life”.

So now as we head into summer 2014 I just hope I can put the last 6 months behind me and now focus on the here and now. To Anyone who offered me help if I ever got into bother again I will be on the phone ASAP. Thank you all so much , I am so grateful to have people who care for me.



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