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Irish Women’s Rugby New Coach

So the Ireland women’s team are on the lookout for a new head coach, only instead of a full time coach on this occasion, the successful candidate will only have a 6 month part time deal on the table.  

This does seem to be a very strange call to make at this moment in time. Going back to a part time 15s coach when there will be a full time 7s programme working alongside it. Anthony Eddy will continue in his role as 7s head coach while also working to further develop the player pool in both the 15s and 7s codes.

A number of players have already decided to hang up their boots in the aftermath of the World Cup , players like Marie Louise Reilly and Nora Stapleton have retired from playing and now in the wake of this decision one would fear that more players that may be sitting on the fence waiting to see what the IRFU do next may well just say in the wake of this , “ To hell with this I am off “ This may not be the case for the majority but you can be sure 1 or 2 players will be thinking this way.

The IRFU may decide at the end of the 6 month period to appoint a full time coach after the 2018 Six Nations, whatever the outcome of the 2018 Six Nations, Irish women’s rugby is at a very important crossroads, no games in November unlike 12 months ago thus no opportunity to see if any new players can be found and a new game plan tried out before the players who are selected for the 2018 Six Nations come together for a number of weekend training camps over the coming months.

Heady times ahead for all involved with the women’s game in this country be they coaches, players, administrators and any other volunteers involved up and down the country. Big decisions are coming for the people in charge of the women’s game in the IRFU headquarters over the next few months.

This is also an awfully uncertain time for all the players who have given of their time in green in the last few years. Some will feel let down by this, more will feel just pure anger and frustration. On the day that one of ladies GAA greatest players signed a professional deal to play in the newly formed Ladies AFL. The IRFU have taken a backward step in giving the new head coach whoever he or she may be only a part time deal.

Whatever move they make beyond this point will be watched by all who care for the game very carefully, the ball is now in the court of the IRFU again, think very carefully about your next move , because the future of the game in this country may just depend on your next call…


Cian Mc Gibney


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