Ferry Rangers Charity Game 2023

On new year’s eve this year, all roads will lead to Ferry Park for the charity game (the chosen charity’s will be revealed at a later date) between some of the current Ferry Rangers 23/24 squad and the old stagers who let’s say played with the club in the early days after the club was established in 1995.

This game is fast becoming an annual event which will hopefully continue well into the future. Other places do charity swims and runs but in Tarbert players both young and old and some not so old dust the cobwebs off the boots and return to action to relieve their own glory days.

It will be a chance for people to catch up and get ready for that evening which will see a new year roll in. The past two editions have drawn good crowds and hopefully the 2023 version will do the same today week…

The old stagers won last year and the buzz word already is that the current Ferry side has revenge in mind and will do what it takes to take victory. So with that in mind be prepared to see some hard tackles and no less skill on show !!

It will be good to see in particular the Old Stagers take to the field to see do they still have it. Over the past few turns those who wore the red and black of Ferry Rangers in the early days have shown there metel and won the day.

As the week progresses we will know the respective squads and I am sure there will be a few surprises but this author will be staying retired having played for Ferry up to Youths level, my body and my eye sight are not what they once were.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Ferry Rangers well with firstly the Christmas draw on December 29thand then on the New Year’s eve it full steam ahead for the charity game. Keep an eye out for the details of the chosen charities and squads on social media…..

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