Christmas and New Year 2024

It is heading for Christmas 2024 and New Year also. A time I am not a fan of but as I head towards 2024, Life has changed beyond anything I could have dreamed of at the end of 2022 or even the start of 2023.

Earlier this year, I thought about ending my life owing to the situation I found myself in at the end of last year and the start of 2023. But thankfully I had been working away on something that yielded results around April of this year but had I gone ahead with my thoughts back in February, the work I had put in would not have been for much.

Something clicked in my head the afternoon I felt like ending things but I have since had a short fruitful spell in counselling and of course the life altering news I received on April 11th the offer of a house although the news had already filtered through via that wonderful thing called the “countryside grapevine” that had some people asking me had I gotten any news I would like to share with them…

I did the adult thing and at the grand old age of 33, moved into my own place. To say the move has had a positive impact would be an understatement. I have a new lease of life since I made the move. As I said in a previous piece I don’t know myself and have gained the backbone I needed. I have also had the opportunity to experience the freedom that many people spoke of !! Yes paying bills in good fun….

I know that for some people my age that move away from home has gone in reverse and some of my age group are back at home for varying reasons. I hope that things improve for those people in 2024. I know how tough it is to try and break out and I am so grateful to certain people I won’t mention but there help was gratefully received.

Christmas is not my favourite time of year and some will read this and say what the hell makes him happy so, but it really is the simple things, peace and quiet and a simple life with no interference. I think I am on that road after many years of trying.

I wish anyone that has welcomed new children, grandchildren, daughter in laws, son in laws etc well and to those who have lost loved ones, my thoughts are with you all. It is a tough time for even the hardest of people so think before you speak. I wear my feelings on my face so I can’t really hide them.

To everyone, both near and far that wished me well with my move and congratulated me on the step, I thank you all, so as I type sitting in the house I really felt was very far away from my reach over the last few years, I would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.

To those who are finding things tough at the moment, reach out to someone you trust and try and talk it out, trust me when I say that making the move to open up will help. Keep the head up and chest out, not easy but you’ll find a way.  To all, good luck in 2024….

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