Arsenic and Old Lace

The Tarbert Theatre Players returned for another well received play named Arsenic and Old Lace by Joseph Kesserling in Tarbert Community Centre. This play was brought to life by some well known faces like Yvonne O Keeffe Fox, PJ Normile, Shane Wall and Cormac Wall they were joined this year by a newcomer in Jerry Scanlon who looked very comfortable in his Tarbert Theatre Players debut.

This play is dark with real moments of hilarity where you have a family namely the Brewster’s who seem hell bent on wiping out a certain generation of people with a well tested game plan where they offer the unsuspecting guest a drink and within minutes they have clocked up another unfortunate victim.

You see the daily toils of each family member and we see the development of the on/off relationship between Mortimer Brewster and Elaine Brewster played by the fantastically matched duo Tom Stack and Mag O Donnell. It really is a will they / won’t they saga.

Jerry Scanlon certainly comes into his own and the rather dim and unfortunate Teddy Brewster who is somehow convinced he is Theodore Roosevelt and he is the President of the USA in the 40s at a time when Hitler was at his peak. This part was smartly cast and Jerry did very well in portraying this character.

Helen Enright and Danielle Considine did a fine job as Police Officers Brophy and Klein as did Cormac Wall who played a fortunate house guest of the Brewster sisters Abby and Martha and then pulled on his officer gear to play Officer O Hara.

Shane Wall and PJ Normile provided laughter and danger in equal measure as Dr Einstein (No not that Einstein) and Jonathan Brewster. Both men certainly used their own friendship to help bring these two slightly twisted characters to life.

John Dowling and Padraig O Connor played Lieutenant Rooney and Mr Witherspoon the local Superintendant and you also had Jerry O Connell playing The Reverend Dr Harper who again drew on family connections to help him as the softly spoken Reverend Dr Harper.

A word for the sisters from hell namely Abbey and Martha Brewster played by Yvonne O Keeffe Fox and Maureen Considine. These are two women you wouldn’t leave your worst enemy with. They are well versed in how to kill you off and bury the evidence as well. It’s one house this author would not enter in a hurry…

Well done to all the cast and crew for putting on two great nights in Tarbert Community Centre. It will be interesting to see what 2020 will bring for Tarbert Theatre Players….

Barbara Labidi (Buffy) Interview

Hi Barbara, It’s a real pleasure to speak with you..


You are a strongwoman, wrestler and power lifter, how did you get started in that work ?

I always admired strong muscular women and i did many sports in the past, but when I stopped for 1 year with training because of problems with my relationship, I put on weight little bit and when I started again with training I found new personal coach at the gym and fell in love in this sport…I started with powerlifting, then I continued with strongwoman- and I added wrestling too…actually it was big luck everytime because I met right people who showed me these sports and possibilities to competitions first fitness coach introduced me to powerlifting- he said I am naturally strong for woman and I should try to compete in powerlifting…

I met other people at the gym and they competed in strongman and asked me if I don’t want to try to train with them…So i tried and i loved it because it is very complex hard training and you need to be completely strong and there are many disciplines not only 3 like in powerlifting.

And i must say that when i started with strongman training i became much more stronger than before…I really LOVE it!:-) and how did i get to wrestling? By accident I read advertisement on internet that they are looking for muscular strong women for wrestling shooting in Prague…I arranged interview, I liked it and I started with shooting and then with trainings…now I go to MMA classes and I like it too!


How many years have you been travelling around doing those different shows that you do ?


Concerning wrestling sessions I don’t do it so long- I started 1 year ago.


I  have done powerlifting  for around 10 years and strongwoman 2 years.


What sort of training do you do to keep your technique as a power lifter ?

Most of my trainings are really hard and strength trainings,

I need to keep my power during all year so I can not stop with this type of training for long time but when i am “off season”- I have lighter trainings, i do more reps, more cardio training…but base of all  for me are basic exercices with free weights like squats, presses, deadlifts….

And when I prepare for strongwoman competitions I train more and more strongman disciplines like atlas stones, super yoke, axel bar, log lift, farmers walk, frame carry, etc…

I need to change gym because here in Prague it is very complicated to find good gym for strongman training …We have 1 very good but it is far away from my place so I spend a lot of time on travelling but what do you do !!


Your work with Session Girls, can you explain that website to us ? is webside where guys can find any sessiongirl in the world…

We have profiles there, we put pics and videos there, we introduce ourselves, what we offer for sessions, our best results at the gym, we can add some links to our own websites….

It is great webside where we can introduce ourselves to guys…

There is also possibility of bigger advertising if you pay membership…

It is really very popular website and I am glad I have my profile there- Barbara Czech


How many sessions would you do on a daily basis ?

It is very different and depends on my training, competitions, my job in the office, my travels…I am very busy but I enjoy it


What do your friends and family think of the job you do ?

They don’t have any problem with it because they know about my passion for any sport and they also know I will do what I want


What type of diet would you follow when you train ?

I need to keep high protein diet, it means I need to care of amount of proteins which I eat during the day for building my muscles and recovery too, I try to eat healthy, eat less amount of carbohydrates and some fat…a lot of meat, eggs, cottage cheese, yoghurt, fruit, vegetables, rice…

I have intolerance to gluten and lactose as well so I must keep to these diets too…


How did you get interested in the job you currently do ?

I saw advertisement on internet where they were looking for muscular strong women for wrestling shooting in Prague …I arranged interview and I liked it and then my friend from wrestling told me about possibility to do wrestling sessions and I created my profile and started with this job.


If you were not doing the job you are doing, what do you think you would be doing in life ?

When I was a child I wanted to be a professional athlete…

it was my dream,But unfortunately I didn’t choose right sports in the past in which I could become world champion and now i am very old for professional sport…for power lifting or strongman sport it is fine but problem is these sports are not Olympic so even if you are very good athlete you need still to pay your expenses like travels, hotels, sports nutrition etc and it costs a lot of money if you don’t have any sponsor…

Strongwoman sport is not popular here in Czech Republic so I don’t have any sponsor yet…maybe if I moved to UK or USA my situation would be different…So I love this sport and competitions but it costs really so much money…


To people who may not understand what you do, what would you say to them ?

I offer sessions where I can show you my power, I do arm wrestling, different types of wrestling- competitive, fantasy, posing, lifts and carry, muscle worship, i offer online coaching too- we can go together to the gym for training, I can help you with your diet, give you some advices how to loose, how to build muscle, how to be strong 

We can meet at special studio for wrestling or at the hotel, at the gym…

I can show you techniques from wrestling, some holds, scissors…

Some my clients prefer fantasy light wrestling and muscle worship and some want real competitive wrestling, arm wrestling, tests of strength like push ups etc

It is very different…

Sometimes I am just company to the restaurant, theatre…on holidays…


Lastly Barbara, What are your plans for the future ? Thank you for taking time out to chat to me…

I have one big goal for next year- Arnold Classic strongwoman Competition in Ohio Columbus next March 2020…I want to train hard and get some good result there

Next month I have competition in UAE in Dubai- also strongwoman…

I would like to get more clients in my sessions, i am also planning to moving abroad- i am considering UAE- Dubai…I want to work at the gym there like personal coach – i already have Certificate of bodybuilding and fitness coaching- and also to try to advertise strongwoman there and show people even muscular strong women can be sexy and girls dont have to be afraid of lifting weights at the gym….They will not look like men, trust me…it is not so easy

And in general, I want to live happy life, be surrounded positive nice friendly honest people and do what I love so continue in my competitions, trainings, building strength and muscles.

South Africa 2019 World Cup Champions

South Africa have won their third World Cup after a 32-12 win over England in Yokohama in this morning’s World Cup Final. Given that England had beaten New Zealand last Saturday 19-7 and South Africa saw off Wales in an arm wrestle last Sunday the widely held belief was that England would win if they played somewhere close to the way in which they did against New Zealand.

South Africa did not get that particular memo and went after England in the set piece where they had real dominance throughout the campaign and the loss of Kyle Sinkler was keenly felt after he left the field after 2 minutes after being knocked out with Dan Cole being asked to play the duration of the 80 minutes and as we have seen in the past 12 months England have used Kyle Sinkler and others for over 50 minutes at least before bringing in the “finishers” as Eddie Jones likes to call them.

This time though his plan went out the window as the strength of the South African 23 came out in force and from the moment Jerome Garces awarded the first scrum penalty to South Africa after Sinkler’s departure the writing seemed to be on the wall.

Similar to Steve Hansen last weekend I feel Jones could have sprung Ben Spencer from the bench early on in the game as I feel Ben Youngs had a poor day at the office, the Saracens pairing at half back might have been able to put England on the front foot but like most of these teams no real deviation from the tried and trusted.

South Africa for their part were of course beaten on the opening weekend by New Zealand but since that game they managed to use a very structured game plan with a six/two split on the bench for the rest of the tournament which meant they could strangle the life out of teams and finish off sides by utilising a full front five on the bench in the final stages of games.

Looking at the way in which South Africa played this morning is very reminiscent of the Erasmus/Nieneber coaching template that they worked on while in charge of Munster from June 2016 to December 2017. The defence system employed by South Africa worked very well for Munster although they did lose out in two Semi Finals in the Pro 14 and Champions Cup.

A word as well for ex Munster coach Felix Jones who took up a role with South Africa in the summer where he was an opposition analyst for them.

He was wanted by Erasmus as soon as he took on the head coach role but bided his time and saw out his contract with Munster and then turned down a new deal and when this chance came he took it with both hands, congrats to Felix and Aled Walters who both worked with Munster in recent seasons.

Well done to South Africa who now join New Zealand as three time winners of the World Cup, only England in 2003 managed to break the southern hemisphere dominance as the only northern hemisphere winner with Australia winning two in 1991 and 1999.

South Africa were winners in 1995, 2007 and 2019. Francois Steyn won his second winners medal this morning after winning his first in 2007 as a 20 year old. All eyes will now focus on France 2023 where South Africa will defend their crown but not before facing the British and Irish Lions in the summer of 2021.

For the northern hemisphere it is back to drawing board, having two of the semi finalists in England and Wales but still England could not match the intensity of last week to see them through. We were told by Eddie Jones this week that England could play better than they had done in defeating New Zealand but unfortunately for Mr Jones, all his planning and preparation since 2015 hasn’t counted for little, yes this experience will help the majority of this squad when 2023 rolls around but for the here and now they were beaten by a well drilled and disciplined South Africa side.

All roads now lead to France 2023, it’s the beginning of a new 4 year cycle for each team involved and for those hoping to be involved. It is also time World Rugby seriously to try and evolve the global appeal of the game but that’s for another day….

England Vs New Zealand 2019 WC

England have booked a first World Cup Final appearance since France in 2007. They did that with a terrific composed 19-7 win over defending champions New Zealand. New Zealnd came into this game after a strong performance when swatting Ireland aside last weekend 46-14. On this occasion England had the ideal game plan that was certainly moulded from there narrow loss last November.

The axis of Tom Curry and Sam Underhill got the better of the Scott Barrett, Ardie Savea pairing that saw Barrett called ashore at half time to be replaced by Sam Cane.

The decision of Steve Hansen to pick Scott Barrett was a risk but on this occasion it did not work out and England who started like they had done throughout 2019 scored a cracking try after 2 minutes through Manu Tuilagi after some sublime handling that saw Kyle Sinkler provide a key tip on pass that finished with Tuilagi busting over.

England were very dominant in the opening 40 minutes and from the off they looked like team very in tune with the task at hand. From the moment the Haka took place and England formed a semi circle very similar to what England did in 1998 when the sides met in Twickenham. This was a signal that England would not fold easily in the face of taking on the World Champions.

Eddie Jones has worked very hard since taking on the England job in late 2015 after the disastrous efforts at the 2015 World Cup. His stated aim was to win a World Cup on Japanese soil. He worked very hard in 2016 to start his plan to get England back to the top of the tree where they feel they should always be. In 2016 they won the Grand Slam beating France in Paris in the final week to secure the Grand Slam. In 2017 they won the Six Nations and were continuing to integrate many of the players that were key to victory this morning.

Men like Sam Underhill who moved from Ospreys to play his club rugby with Bath, Tom Curry who alongside his twin Ben were key members of the England Under 20 side in 2017 also made waves and were in the wider England training squad as the Jones era took shape.

Eddie Jones also stated once he took on the job that he would work to build a new England side full of young players and this team is back boned by Under 20 World Championship winners from the last 5 years.

New Zealand did not look happy this morning and to me it looked as if the lack of tough games since facing South Africa on the opening weekend came back to haunt Steve Hansen’s men.  The lack of experience in his 23 this morning might also have come back to bite Steve Hansen who left experienced men like Ben Smith and Reiko Ioane out of his 23.

Youthful exuberance is great but when the pressure comes on it looked as if Sevu Reece and George Bridge were struggling. Both men were driven into touch and those moments were massive the overall scheme of things.

Owen Farrell and George Ford worked well in tandem where as Richie Mo’unga and Beauden Barrett did not match the heights that they have done only a few times since this was first tried out in July. This move seemed to be made after the loss to Ireland in 2018 and also the narrow win over England on the end of year tour.

Many people have made plenty of the Irish failure from last weekend where some players were selected where others players in better form may have done a better job but the fact that Brodie Rettalick was brought straight into the starting team at the quarter final after only 30 minutes in the Pool phase may have also contributed to how under cooked New Zealand looked this morning. It is not often you can say that about an New Zealand team but this time Steve Hansen can have no complaints about the defeat. He and his side will now go into a third / fourth place play off next Friday.

England will now be able to fully focus on a World Cup Final at 9am next Saturday. They can now settle in and watch South Africa vs Wales and plan for whichever side wins in the second Semi Final….

A Look Ahead- An Alternative XV For the 2020 Six Nations

As the dust begins to settle on another World Cup Quarter Final exit for Ireland, people will now be looking at the new regime under new head coach Andy Farrell who will be assisted by Mike Catt, Simon Easterby and Richie Murphy.

Many Irish players who didn’t get a look in under Joe Schmidt will feel that the slate is wiped clean under new coach Andy Farrell. People may also think that the regime might not change too much under Farrell who has been Ireland’s forwards coach since 2016.

But if things are to change within Irish rugby it is important that all available players are looked at over the next few months to try and rebuild the shattered confidence after the heavy loss to New Zealand.

It will take all 31 players time to get over the manner of the defeat but for some of the 31 while this weekend in Round 4 of the Pro 14 will be too soon you can be sure that the interprovincial derbies in Round 6 will see all 31 back in action with some guys returning in round 5 depending on how many minutes were played by each individual in Japan.

Munster will benefit straight away as will Connacht with men like Chris Farrell, John Ryan and Jack Carty all sure to be back in contention ahead of Round 5.

As I mentioned it will take time for all the players to recover from this loss both mentally and physically but with the Champions Cup and Challenge Cup on the horizon they won’t have much time to dwell on what might have been…..

Looking to the 2020 Six Nations in February 2020, Ireland are certain to have fresh blood in the first 23 to play Scotland , I look at the possible 23 that Andy Farrell may look to include…

15 Andrew Conway – Munster

14 Jacob Stockdale – Ulster

13 Gary Ringrose – Leinster

12 Chris Farrell – Munster

11 Matt Healy – Connacht

10 Joey Carbery – Munster

9  Conor Murray – Munster

8 Max Deegan – Leinster

7 Josh Van Der Flier – Leinster

6 Tadgh Beirne – Munster

5 James Ryan – Leinster, Captain

4 Iain Henderson – Ulster

3 Tadgh Furlong – Leinster

2 Niall Scannell – Munster

1 Eric O Sullivan – Ulster


16  Ronan Kelliher – Leinster

17 Dave Kilcoyne – Munster

18 Andrew Porter – Leinster

19  Ultan Dillane – Connacht

20 CJ Stander – Munster

21 Luke Mc Grath – Leinster

22 Ross Byrne – Leinster

23 Jordan Larmour – Leinster

Here is one selection I would go by, I know I have left out certain players but there would be room for those players in the wider squad. Just trying to show an alternative XV to what played last Saturday.




World Cup Quarter Final 2019

Ireland will play New Zealand in the 2nd World Cup quarter final this Saturday at 11.15am. Ireland have faced New Zealand 4 times under Joe Schmidt and three times since the 2015 World Cup, winning twice in 2016 and 2018.

The questions of the Irish campaign have started up again after mixed performances against the 3 opposing teams in Pool A. The manner of the display against both Samoa and Scotland gave rise to some real positivity but the loss to Japan quelled some of that good mood.

New Zealand will be well warned of what to expect when facing Ireland and after being beaten by Ireland in November 2018 New Zealand will be going full throttle to make sure Ireland don’t register a 3rd win over New Zealand under Joe Schmidt. It could be Joe Schmidt’s final game at Ireland head coach if the result does not work out so you can be certain he will have 1 or 2 tricks up his sleeve that supporters will not have seen before.

Steve Hansen has indicated he make try and “trick” Schmidt with some moves we haven’t seen before. For an Irish rugby player the sight of an England shirt usually does enough to get people up for the challenge and you can put that famous shirt with the silver fern on that list.

It is another chance for Ireland to make a World Cup Semi Final where they are pencilled into face either England or Australia… Here is the XV I would select to play New Zealand to play in the Quarter Final….

15 Andrew Conway

14 Keith Earls

13 Gary Ringrose

12 Robbie Henshaw

11 Jacob Stockdale

10 Jonathan Sexton

9 Conor Murray

8 CJ Stander

7 Josh Van Der Flier

6 Tadgh Beirne

5 James Ryan

4 Iain Henderson

3 Tadgh Furlong

2 Niall Scannell

1 Cian Healy

16 Sean Cronin

17 Dave Kilcoyne

18 Andrew Porter

19 Rhys Ruddock

20 Peter O Mahony

21 Luke Mc Grath

22 Joey Carbery

23 Chris Farrell

World Cup 2019- Quarter Final Time

The World Cup Quarter Final line up is complete, England will play Australia at 8.15am next Saturday and then in the second quarter final Ireland take on New Zealand at 11.15am. Sunday will see Wales vs France at 8.15am and hosts Japan play South Africa at 11.15am.

Ireland had hoped if they had qualified to be playing next Sunday against either South Africa or New Zealand and after the 19-12 loss to Japan it was felt that the most likely opponent was going to be 3 times winners New Zealand. Since the crushing loss to Argentina in Cardiff 4 years ago, the hope was that Joe Schmidt would firstly sign up to lead the Ireland charge and then after he did so it was hoped he could make Ireland hard to beat and finally be in a position to challenge for at the very least a Semi Final spot in Japan.

He has achieved that goal and has also hit some big markers in the 4 years since that big quarter final loss, winning in South Africa in 2016, beating New Zealand twice in late 2016 and again in 2018. He has also masterminded a Grand Slam win in 2018.

These are the markers with which the 2019 World Cup campaign was going to be judged and after a poor 2019 it looked as if the whole positivity surrounding the Ireland camp from 2018 was going to count for very little but Ireland managed to make a 7th quarter final and the hope of making a first semi final will be severely tested by the triple winners New Zealand who were winners in 1987,2011 and 2015.

So far in this campaign, the Irish performances have not been what is required to show they are true contenders but now that they are in another quarter final, all the talk can stop and they can fully focus on a shot at the world champions who they have faced 4 times since the 2015 World Cup winning twice.

With the involvement of Bundee Aki to be decided tomorrow the other 30 players can fully focus on the task at hand with the likes of Chris Farrell on standby to step in should Bundee Aki miss out through suspension.

New Zealand will be well rested having had there last pool game called off due to the typhoon that struck in Japan this weekend.

They will also know that they haven’t had it all their own way in recent times against Ireland and with the possibility of this game being Joe Schmidt’s final game in charge of Ireland after 6 years at the helm that will spur Ireland on to hopefully do what they have so far failed to do in the other 7 World Cup’s since 1987 and that is make a first Semi Final and then who knows what may happen but for now, it’s all eyes on the Quarter Final next Saturday at 11.15am Irish time.

Maurice Hartery – Limerick Man and Northampton Saints Team Manager

Maurice Hartery

Hi Maurice, It’s great to get the opportunity to speak to you about your recent move to take up the Team Manager role with Northampton Saints.

How did the move to Northampton come about ?

I saw the post advertised on Twitter said I would chance handing in my CV. Got called for an interview and got the job. It came as a surprise really but it was something I was actively looking at.


What role’s did you fulfil with the clubs you were involved with here at home ?

I had been manager of Thomond RFC for 4 seasons as well as Ireland clubs for 3 seasons. I also managed Munster U18 for a season and was Manager of SCT in Castletroy for 2 years.


When did Northampton approach you about taking on the Manager role ?

As mentioned above they didn’t approach me, I put in my CV and got called for an interview, which I did in South Africa when I was on honeymoon. When I arrived back from South Africa, they flew me over to Franklin’s Gardens to meet the relevant people.


Do you work closely with the coaching team including head coach Chris Boyd ?

I would work very closely with Chris, more so than the coaching team. He is an unbelievably nice man and is very laid back and easy to get on with.


Can you explain your role on match day ?

Most of my work is done before matchday to be honest. I’ll come in maybe 3 hours before Kick Off, make sure the dressing room is correct and everything is in order. The players will start to arrive about 1pm and from then on it’s helping them in anyway I can. The main one is ensuring that their tickets are available for collect by their family members so they aren’t receiving calls taking their focus. Once the match starts I am in charge of the technical area and making substitutions and ensuring all rules are followed.

What sort of qualifications would a professional team like Northampton look for when recruiting a member of their staff ?

Like all businesses they would be looking for the most suitable person available. There is a young staff in place right across the club which is excellent.

How have your family settled in to your new surroundings ?

I have moved over on my own for the time being. My wife flies over for all the home games or close away games. It is a massive burden on her but I will try to get back to limerick when I can later on in the year.


During the week, what do your day’s look like ?

During the off-season it was crazy. You could be pulled left, right and centre with small issues but now that the season has started it is more structured. I try to get in for 7.30am and from there it depends on the daily schedule. I try to get on the field for training every day if possible.

What has the reaction been like here at home when people heard you were taking up the position of Northampton Saints Team Manager ?

Shock was the main reaction. But in fairness people have been unbelievably nice with congratulations etc. castletroy college were fantastic and allowed me take the opportunity by granting me a career break.


What do you hope to achieve in your time with Northampton ?

Enjoy it. I can’t control any results on the pitch but working in an environment like Pro Rugby is a privilege and I am learning new things every day.


Lastly Maurice, For anyone who may read this and think they may want to follow in your footsteps. Have you any advice ?

Be yourself. I have had this question a lot since people heard the news but if you are doing this job you are more than likely organised and outgoing anyway. The key is just be yourself and enjoy it.

Thank you for taking the time out to chat to me Maurice. All the very best for season 2019/2020….



Ireland vs Russia WC Match 3

Ireland managed to beat Russia 35-0 after stumbling for well over 60 minutes. This win will do nothing to convince the masses of Ireland true credentials to finally make a Semi Final or even for the bravest of Irish fans a place in the World Cup Final.

The late withdrawal of Joey Carbery will also have people concerned although Jack Carty’s cameo in the 2nd 40 minutes will ease concerns over both Sexton and Carbery as Sexton was replaced at half time although kicking coach Richie Murphy has said it was a tactical change rather than an enforced change.

The hope that this game would lift the gloom after the loss to Japan was mistaken as this performance will have done little to help the squad. The lack of a Plan B was missing again today as on a few occasions when keeping the ball in hand looked to be the better option players like Andrew Conway, Rob Kearney and late on Jordan Larmour all needlessly kicked away possession when holding onto the ball and trying to attack Russia with width looked to be an easier option.

Russia for their part played very well although being niled would say it wasn’t the best day at the office but twice they had a man in the sin bin and only conceded one try over the 20 minutes they were down to 14 men.

The most concerning aspect was the real lack of imagination in attack, numerous times the ball was knocked on or lost in contact which will disappoint Joe Schmidt and the lack of imagination is again a issue there is a real sense of de ja vu with this aspect of play and we are now in a situation where there is no more time to fix this before the competition as we are 3 games into the Pool.

On the plus side Ireland did get the required 5 points to push clear at the top of the Pool and are now on 11 points with a +52 points difference and now the focus will be back on Japan when they play Samoa on Saturday morning. Japan will look to regain control of the Pool with a bonus point win that will push them onto either 13 or 14 points heading into the final round of games where Ireland face Samoa on Saturday week with Japan facing Scotland both games will be extremely interesting as to the outcome of the Pool.

For Ireland, it will be a extended break of 9 days before they play Samoa where a few players will hope that there knocks clear up with Robbie Henshaw the only member of the travelling 31 still looking for match minutes and it may also see others players join up as recently arrived Jordi Murphy may yet be on his way home depending on the severity of his rib injury. Men like Tommy O Donnell or Sean Reidy may look to dust off the passport as they may yet receive the call to head for Japan.

Here is the XV I would select to play Samoa in 9 days time. I realise players may not make it due to injury or something else cropping up over the next week and a half.

15 Andrew Conway

14 Keith Earls

13 Gary Ringrose

12 Robbie Henshaw

11 Jacob Stockdale

10 Jonathan Sexton

9 Conor Murray

8 CJ Stander

7 Josh Van Der Flier

6 Peter O Mahony

5 James Ryan

4 Iain Henderson

3 Tadgh Furlong

2 Niall Scannell

1 Cian Healy

16 Sean Cronin

17 Dave Kilcoyne

18 Andrew Porter

19 Tadgh Beirne

20 Rhys Ruddock

21 Luke Mc Grath

22 Jack Carty

23 Chris Farrell

Ireland vs Japan 2019 WC

Ireland had it all after winning against Scotland last weekend but the 19-12 loss to hosts Japan has put the cat among the pigeons for the rest of the Pool with Ireland facing two games against Russia next Thursday and then Samoa the following Saturday to see can they qualify for the quarter finals of Japan 2019.

They will need at least the full 10 points from the two games to get to 16 points and then they will have to wait and see where that will leave them as Japan will now fancy their chances of winning this Pool after their composed 19-12 win.

Japan played this game at 100 miles an hour but they always play that way so the game plan would not have been a shock to Joe Schmidt and his squad. This result was not expected but let’s be honest it just shows what will happen if you don’t perform to the required levels each time you go onto the field. The result shows the romance that is sadly lacking in modern sport is still there how even if it only happens once in a blue moon.

Ireland  played the game on their terms after the opening 25 minutes and then Ireland failed to score in the final 60 minutes and no matter the opposition you will not win most games by failing to score in 60 minutes of play.

Ireland will need two absolutely massive victories over Russia and Samoa to make certain they will not be coming home early from Japan. It is up to this squad to prove the doubters wrong and show us they can perform consistently for the final two Pool games. This result is not the end of the road but one more slip means it curtains for this World Cup.

The lack of a Plan B was again a glaring issue in this game. When Ireland needed to come up with a match saving move late on they failed to convert pressure into points.

People again pointed to a lack of leadership in the crucial final 20 minutes when Japan lead by 7.

Over the last 6 years under Joe Schmidt when the game plan has gone wrong his teams have struggled to come up with a Plan B in pressure situations and throughout 2019 Ireland have been physically matched by England, Wales and in some respects by Scotland but in only one of those games against Scotland did Ireland manage to wrestle back control. Ireland beat Scotland back in March 2019, 22-10 and last week in match one of the World Cup 27-3.

Unfortunately for Ireland it still seems that when teams match Ireland physically no matter the team they will beat Ireland as Ireland struggle to change tact and play what’s in front of them. After the disappointment of 2015, we were told that injuries would not impact on the Ireland squad again and that may turn out to be the case but the unnerving thing is that this campaign may go the same way as the previous World Cups if they don’t put in two clinical performances against both Russia and Samoa. The time for action is now and no amount of excuses will cut it this time.

This squad has had its set back and now it is time to react to the defeat because all the other sides in the Pool will feel they can capitalise on Ireland’s loss yesterday. It’s Russia next up at 11.15am on Thursday morning.

Here is the XV I would select for the Russia game :

15 Andrew Conway

14 Keith Earls

13 Gary Ringrose

12 Bundee Aki

11 Jordan Larmour

10 Jonathan Sexton

9 Luke Mc Grath

8 Jordi Murphy

7 Rhys Ruddock

6 Tadgh Beirne

5 Jean Kleyn

4 Iain Henderson

3 John Ryan

2 Niall Scannell

1 Dave Kilcoyne

16 Sean Cronin

17 Cian Healy

18 Andrew Porter

19 CJ Stander

20 Josh Van Der Flier

21 Joey Carbery

22 Jack Carty

23 Rob Kearney