Dublin 7s Festival

Dublin 7s Festival

Saturday saw me make my way to Donnybrook to the inaugural Dublin 7s Rugby festival. It saw two different competition takes place where a domestic tournament took place alongside the main international tournament.

 It was refreshing to see teams like Italy, Germany and Norway take part in the shortened form of the game. This form of the game will return at the Olympics in August.  Donnybrook was taken over for the day with food stalls, a stage where various acts performed throughout the day.

 While the rugby was the key ingredient to the day, there was plenty of other activities to keep people entertained with a bouncy castle for the kids. There were plenty of other activities for the adults in the crowd with hair stylists on site alongside those Food stalls and also the customary clothing stalls that sold merchandise including, shirts, balls and caps.

Getting back to the rugby there were some terrific performances including some cracking moves specially designed for the 7s game with UCD trying a few moves that worked out and looked wonderful and these moves only added to each game.

Samurai the 7s only side made the trip from the UK and added real class to proceedings. While Italy in particular along with Germany showed some real quality and skill. They have made some real strides forward in the shortened form of the game.

All the teams that were involved this weekend brought something to the table and made it a very special day and with glorious sunshine it brought a few more people out to see what was going on. They showed the Pro 12 Final and Champions League Final on a big screen so people wouldn’t miss out on any of the action that was happening elsewhere in the sports world.

Special thanks goes to organiser Brian Mc Dermott and all his support staff for a well-run day. Thanks too to Peter Fitzgibbon, David O Brien and the team of IRFU officials with the support of some Leinster associate Referee’s that helped officiate in the domestic Tournament.

Here’s hoping this tournament can continue into the future and can become a big part of the thriving 7s circuit in Ireland.


Cisn Mc Gibney


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